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Introducing a New
Trainda Platform

Trainda online coaching platform is designed for professional use, which means the platform is very easy to use and it scales up with your business growth, so you can feel like a professional online coach since day one.

Who is it designed for?

Easy integrations for eCommerce

Selling your services is the most important part of your business. Integrate your Trainda online coaching platform with the most popular eCommerce providers WooCommerce and Shopify with just a few clicks. Zero coding skills are needed, so you save tons of money and time.

All the tools you need

Build your community around the coaching. We provide you everything for making the most social online coaching available on the market, without adding you any additional workload. Vice versa, Trainda effective tools allow you to save lots of time and energy.

Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

Completely new online coaching platform opens a new era of online coaching. You don’t need to be physically with your trainees, because our technology helps your clients feel like you’re standing next to them. What’s best, your coaching is carried with all the time wherever your clients are.

No other platform is like Trainda.

Trainda engineers trained more than 500 days in online coaching to gain knowledge about online coaching in the future. They performed more than 250 workouts as clients, and test over 100 iterations of the online coaching platform. They were even asked to perform in maintaining online coaching with a very high volume of clients. The result: Trainda Platform is designed with deep understanding and knowledge of online coaching from both trainers and trainee’s perspectives. Trainda platform features help in solving real-life problems. Besides, it’s designed for your business growth.


What is commonly asked?

The platform is designed for professional online coaching, which means the platform is easy to use and it has many helpful features. You can feel like a professional online coach from day one.

All the coachings Powered by Trainda have the same Sign in site

Absolutely! Trainda is made for all from the newcomers to the professionals. Who wants to be an unprofessional coach anyways? With Trainda you'll have a chance to become a professional online coach and you can feel like the professional since day one.

We're growing like crazy and getting new inquiries continuously. Contact us and we can guide you in the beginning. Usually setting your coaching up and running takes a little time. It's risk-free to contact us and we'll help you to get started.

We provide you all the tools you need for online coaching with your clients. You'll pay only for using the tools. Our pricing is simple and complies with your online business. We charge per customer on a weekly period basis.

Our plans are non-binding and continue month by month - cancel any time.

With Trainda platform you'll get the knowledge and experience from several years from fitness & wellness online coaching. We understand your business and needs and provide a platform that is designed for solving real-life problems.

Every business needs to have a website, so we are 100 % sure you want to have one. We can recommend using a WordPress content management service because of the easy integrations for WooCommerce. Another option for your e-commerce is Shopify.

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