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Make your brand stand out with white-label web app giving your brand radiant space across your service


Being radiant is what your brand needs

What's included?


Your brand subdomain

Deliver your white-label online coaching coaching app with a customized subdomain tailored according to your brand.


Your brand favicon

Give your browser users a fully-fledged experience from your white-labelled online coaching service.


Your brand App Icon

Add your logo to homescreen to give more professional image and the best value to your clients.


Your brand colours

Make your online coaching service follow brand colours recognizable according to your brand.


Customized fonts

Customized fonts according to your brands will add the experience of your online coaching service to more cozy and memorable.


Your brand default pics

Make your online coaching portal follow your brand default branded images.

Your App Icon to Home Screen


Choose Your Brand

Make Your Brand The Most Visible Asset


Contact our team of experts to learn more about the white-label opportunities in Trainda.


Designing branded online coaching portal according to your brand's needs. 


Ready-Set-Go! Time to release your branded portal ready to impress your clients



We call White-label app a web portal which is tailored according to your brand. So instead of just using the default setting, white-label web apps are showing your customized visual settings, i.e., icons, fonts, colours, custom subdomain.

You can get your white-label app by contacting our team of experts who will tell you more about the pricing of white-label service and assist you trough the process from setting up to launch your white-label portal.

White-label portal is additional service which comes for our customized Trainda plans. With our online plans, you'll need at least a Plus version of Trainda subscription. Learn more about pricing in the pricing page

Yes. They can use both your custom portal and Trainda portal accessing into their active online coaching subscriptions.

White-label portal costs are setup fee and fixed fee, but the amounts depends on the case. Feel free to contact our team of experts to learn more.

Trainda is built to give your brand the most visible spot on the service, and there are many ways you can make your brand stand out like never before. However, when you want to fully integrate your brand into the service, then wihte-label portal is your choice.

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